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its new year!

Well here I am back from the Scotland where Me and K had a groovy time.

Spent the new year drinking in lots of strangers houses who were all pleased to see us... Its still odd that I know more people up there than in my own street. still there it is.

Managed not to get wobbly drunk which was nice . I seem to be able to just get pleasantly bladered nowadays which saves on being very ill and making a complete twat of myself.

It seems to be K's biggest worry about moving up there that I will jump into a whisky bottle and never come out. but I know from my earlier drug fuelled madness (nearly 20 years ago now) that the only way for me not to immerse myself in something is to avaoid it completely, I always wanted to try Heroin but never did. coz I knew that it would be the end of me,tis the same with the whisky. I shall never drink it.

Well I'm horny as hell, So hopefully me an K can play soon, Hmm thinking on its gonna be tricky. house full of kids this weekend then off on hols with K and my son where we may be sharing a room. Bugger!

right then work to do

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