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back from travels

back at work,,, first day shift for a month. I really could do with not going to work it just gets in the way of all the stuff I really wanna do. anyway had a good hol swimming with the fishes, N enjoyed it lots but I think felt a bit cheated when his school chums took the piss for not visiting the famous bits. kids can be rotten bastards..

K I think enjoyed it after a day or two.At first, it was a bit strange with me being piggy in the middle and N not wanting me to snog her (k noticed it, not me but then again I always miss stuff like that) anyway snogs went down the pan when I got a cold sore as big as my head.

had a good day yesterday doing not much on my own, it was good to be back home where I can play my guitar and scratch my bollocks in comfort.

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