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more musing in the night

Well its been a while. I just been home for slippy sex and curry and rice, wot a combo. I'm worried bout K the sex was great but K seems kind of sad inside. shes very quiet and i'm not sure wot to do. I think its my fault for getting an arse on when the she and the kids start to argu at the top of there voices. they cant help it its the way they have always lived, but I cant help it coz its not the way I have ever lived my life. It upsets K when I just decide rather than yell I just go out for a walk. But wot else to do I have no idea.

So anyway its a funny old time really,with work n shifts never lining us up with the same days off but I need the dosh, If we are ever to escape from this treadmill. I have no time for business speak, mission statements and "centres of excellence" just make me smirk, I'm either old and jaded or wiser than I used to be, not sure which.

our firm is looking rocky with the gov eroding all our money earning bits away, but like in the comet disaster book "lucifers hammer" I seem to take a perverse pleasure in the propect of it all being in the air, either way its not time to worry yet, I have danced this dance before and although I may trip, I havent done yet.

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