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not playing but watching

I only ever seem to fill this in on nights.

nothing to say

I feel funny

like its all too hard

I feel like I'm watching not steering

its not that unpleasant

i feel like the bloke in cuckoos nest that is always tired,

I'm tired

I wish I could just pop the world into suspended animation, have a bit of a rest then start again.

I think K must be getting fed up of me, after all everyone else has the same and deals with it. I just seem to have lost the will to fight back. It feels like it doesnt matter anyway.

If I was her I would be fed up of me.

todays nice things

the rain was pretty in the streetlights when I went to get my car.

Yummy spag bol wot K made.

this is all turning into a bit of a whingefest I might pack it in and start again

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