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well 37 days on, and guess wot? it nights again....

if they let me leave here I could stay off work for 8MONTHS here it is again 8MONTHSs. Its a short term view I know but 8MONTHS off work seems like heaven. I've not had more than 2 weeks of work for 25 years and I'm fucked off with it. Women get the the option to have kids and stay off work for years when they get fed up (i know its still hard work but its more like being self employed, I mean if you wanna get up an eat cake in in your jimmies whillst watching richard and judy you can)..

so 8 MONTHS.. K wouldnt like it, she would worry bout month 9. they might not even let me go. 240 lie in's it sound 2 good 2 be true.

should of gone to the gym today but walked there and felt so adrift I just went home and fell asleep on the bed with the stripey cat, goin to get the kids tomorrow think I'll go on the train

gonna make tea now

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