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Rev Puppett

its the end of a day shift

the sun is shining and its time to go home.

K's bruvver is about to leave his wife of 20 years, I think he think he knows why but perhaps he just wants some excitment, we all need to cut loose sometimes its just a shame he can't do it whilst married. maybe they had a routine that became stale. me and K are lucky really coz we just go where the mood takes us whether its stopping in bed or going away.

people fall out and thats the way it is, usually nobody is to blame, the blame comes later when people need save their pride.

he has lined himself up a younger model which wont help J's self worth much, I just hope they can go their separate ways without the anger boiling into hate, oh well at least there aint no kids.

I have just been ordained by an internet church so am now Reverand Puppett.

Bless you all :-)

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