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back from oop north

Well then, arrived back from the windy isle at 02:30 this morning and so I'm back at work.

I had a really groovy time, went to the house and spent 2 full days shovelling rubble

onto a trailer , there must have been at least 15-20 tons of stone to shift.

anyway it left me feeling pretty stiff but with a "i'm a rough tough construction worker" type of afterglow.

If nothing else it will keep the building inspector happy, He wont have to climb over a small hill to get in the back door (well I say back door ,its really just a hole where one day a back door will live).

I was impressed though its starting to look a bit like a house now and with a bit of luck the roof wil be put on the place in the next 2 weeks whoohoo!

I dont think K enjoyed it much though, true enough she did manage to get some work done but I think she thought I was neglecting her, which I suppose may have been the case but whenever I offered to go for a walk or go the pub or summat she didnt want to. The weather wasnt fabulous but that normally wouldnt put her off. K seemed tense all week and she was gettting more and more wound up about the girls ganging up against each other and telling tales of what the other had/hadnt done, I really hope she isnt going to end up like my sister and mother, they have been sniping at each other for 40 years now, and all because they are so alike.

So my plan is next time to go childless then K can maybe relax which means that I can too, Also I rekon If I'm gonna be doing a BEEEEG job at the house thats going to take a few days It might be best if I just go on my own then she wont be left feeling lost in someone elses house.

I really hope she likes it when we can stay at our own place up there, The locals are really nice people ( the bloke that lent me a HUGE trailer and then dumped all the crap wouldnt take any payment for it) but do assume they can just wander in an sit down, which is fine by me but will K tire of it?

oh well best go do some work, it does all seem somewhat bizarre, cutting peats one day then checking web site functionality the next.

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