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download aint fun

just downloaded a 60 page document which looks like a rivetting read....

its the current "building and flueing regulations" so that I can maybe save a sackful of dosh relining an old chimney on the island rather than build a new one.

The building inspector is VERY picky and can't be bought off with whisky (which apparently did the trick with his predecessor) .

The house/collection of walls is actually starting to come together a bit. it now has a full set of outside walls and with any luck should have a lid (or roof as us technical people call it) within the next 2-3 weeks.

The addition of some windows and doors should mean that within 2 months I have a very big empty box.

I can then start to add walls and stairs and stuff until its a house.

I was talking to the old man who used to live in it (he still has sheep out the back) and it was built the year he was born 1931, for a 70 year old he can't half run after his sheep, mind you peeps up there all seem to live until their late 90's or early 100's.

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