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a morning pub surely not!!!!

Today I have spoken to very few peeps

I came off my night shift at 07:00

and slept till 14:00,

then i farted around with my puter until it was time for work again.

My Bodach is poorly again, and the old folks have had to cancel their holiday coz he can't/breath/walk/sleep well any more. I think he truth is he wont be getting any better, nobody knows whats wrong but his health is failing from all directions. I wish I knew how to help but I dont (I very nearly wished to god I could help which is a very odd thing for an atheist to think)

I could be in for a slightly surreal morning, the chaps from work are going to the pub at 7 in the morning for football and beer... I'm tempted to go along as the idea of being in a boozer at that time more that makes up for the fact that I cant stand football, I will enjoy watching the whole tribal unity thing even if I cant join in.

plus a few beers wont hurt the daytime sleeping gig.

then its Weds and we are a child free zone. I feel a bit cheated tonight. I called K from work but I think she has gone to bed ( or more likely crashed out on the settee) :-(

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