PUPPETTS MOOD is ...... skint

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Where did the dosh go?

Now I dont want to be a bread head or anything but........

I was just doing the sensible grown up bank statement checking thing and realised I forgot I bought my car road tax with a cheque.

Bugger and shite! So I have 2 weeks and one day to get through with 4.23 to my name.

Got a letter from a solicitor to go and "mediate" my finances with my EX.

So I best set myself some targets, She is a tricky bleeder and can easily run rings around me so I'm gonna decide what my "bottom line" is an not be harangued below it, basically if it all goes to poo I will just leave and go back to the wonderfully expensive solicitors letters plan.

I really like this teabag template!

I quite fancy making one myself with a "simpsons" style fluffy cloud background

Listening to U2 "joshua tree"

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