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its as big as my head

So had a really nice evening last night just me and K with wild rodeo hugs, ikkle tiny baby new potatos, salad, a few beers and yet another (becoming a bit compulsive) viewing of the wonderful "AMELIE".

just ordered a bacon and sausage butty from "dollies" round the corner and It arrived the size of a dustbin lin. I did manage to eat it but only by pushing it into the very corners of my greedyness. My fellow shifty person is off to Greece for a fortnight of sun and beer. he is a man of boundless energy and unfettered enthusiasm at the best of times but now he is all but bouncing off the walls with impending holiday fever. He is also very diligent and in a shambolic attempt at not caring keeps pretending to ignore jobs that come in , only to be overcome by remorse 20 mins later and then crank himself up further by trying to repair them quickly in order to make up for the lost time!!! one of us is going to need medication soon!

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