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surrounded by beer monsters

Eng-er-land havejust won at the footy, I got a call to go to the pub and collect a few shift collegues who have "gone for lunch" and are now away with the fairies.

I suspect that 6 pints of lager may well not be the most nutritional lunch but they are all in a good if a tad boisterous mood.

I just wanna go home, I miss the times when me and K could just sod off to somewhere at the weekend.

The child support peeps have sent me the wrong form, I wondered how they were going to assess me without actually asking how much I earn. To be honest I think I'm squandering far too much work time playing with an online diary :-)

hometime in 2 hours

back at work in 14

home again in 26

I have a hearing test on monday as part of my highly hypocritical attempt to extract money from my ex employer for making me deaf whilst using power tools.

I am chasing this despite:-

1, i'm only a bit deaf

2, they provided ear defenders I didnt wear

3, The whole litigious "I sneezed so I want money thing" makes me sick.

so as you can see, despite my myself I am still driven by greed and the desire to get something for nothing.

Its not big and its not clever, but once again I have the tiger by its tail! its my own fault for grabbing it when I should just have let it go by.

as the man said

"i work to get money so I can stop going to work"

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