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a cast list in puppett land

I just looked at the stats thingy and I think somebody else but me might be having alook so it only seems fair to do the introductions.......

Puppett , is me a fourty year old fat bloke who does try to go the gym but drinks too much lager and eats too much cheese for it to have any impact. I was married for 13 years (i think) but the last 5 dont count coz I was miserable but didnt leave because I didnt know I could (honest I thought I had to put up with it!!!) I live in the north of England and have plans afoot to live on a scottish island with K . I'm a tad geeky and always have been really (not gonna list geeky habits but like science and stuff) love cuddles but i am a moody/miserable bastard at times.

even I dont like me sometimes never mind the poor sods around me.

K is my true love, she is also

naked-desireWe met when I was leaving my Ex and built me up from a wreckage of a man that had been made to feel small and crap by the EX into a very happy bunny. She smiles like an angel,is a sex goddess and it was love at first sight, we've been together 3.5 years and will be until one of us dies.

K has a very dim view of her abilities and I can never convince her how clever or gorgeous everybody else thinks she is. she just wont believe me.

K also is a bit paranoid about me running off with someone else, this is coz her shitty EX dumped on her with another woman with no warning at all.

I feel a bit of a failure in that, whilst she has driven off all my demons most of hers come back to bite her whenever I'm not looking

B is my 15 year old daughter, she is clever and now a young woman. a "mosher" she shuffles about in hoodies but seems well balanced and is becoming increasingly independant. sez boys dont fancy her but I see them looking!

N is my 14 year old son, we can do bloke stuff together, he is quite shy and like his dad doesnt fit in with the masses at school. he is a little 14 and will still quite happily hold my hand in public. I hurt him badly when I left his mum but I think 'm forgiven now.

K also has 2 girlies aged 12 and 10

J is youngest and clever (beyond her years), will go far, can tantrum for england! mostly when frustrated.

BJ is 12 (or 13) and is now obsessed with boys and what her hair looks like, like N she is not brilliant academically but is warm and loving.

at the age where she and K fight..

EX , not gonna waste time on this one, sad and lazy (her arse made a shape in the settee) tapes the shopping channel.

made herself feel better by making me feel worse, would not even kiss me for last 5 years of marriage. yes I didnt help in the end and when all my options for repairing the marriage were rebuffed I left.

So thats my list so far sorry its so long!

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