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its monday and I dont need 2 go 2 work

Had a long sleepy sleep until 11:00 and then drank tea for two hours while K sat and beat the keyboard to death with her penultimate assignment.

after that I had to drive into the big city for the ear test I dont need, This is not a thing I undertook lightly, I only ever went there once before and with my customary resolve vowed I would never do it again.

So I did it again.

its all just words, I will get fit,I will lose weight, I say it and mean it but then I either forget or change the rules , or just dont give a shit.

I suppose I just am what I am. (massive cop out and shirk of responsibility)

Anyway the ear test "consultant" was a complete unperson. I have always assumed that doing something repetitively would result in a certain skill or finesss. the wanker that tested my ears never actually spoke to me but asked questions into a titchy voice recorder then held it out to me to answer into. Whats more when I left he offered to shake my hand (which always throws me) so I shook what I can only assume was a small piece of damp lettuce. He may know ears but he almost certainly never uses his own.

Came home and K was still at it, cooked tea, washed pots, read a childs book (matilda, roal dahl, excellent) drank beer, cut the grass.

have a strong urge to get plastered but have no idea why. I want to party but there isnt one.

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