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crappy day

Fed up.

Woke by noisy people, barking dogs, bladder, barclaycard, mum.

Dads back in hospital possibly with a failing heart.

26 pages of child support shite to fill in.

had to go to work early extending my 12 hour day to 13.

looks like nobody will be in until an hour later than normal so its 14.

K is fed up coz I'm fed up, which makes me feel bad, so we are back in the loop.

K sez I'm never happy any more, I dunno maybe she is right. I cant remember.

I still blame these shifts for messing my head up.

maybe i'm just a miserable scroat, If this child support agency decides to fuck me over I'm giving up, the shifts can go. lifes too short for all this shit.

I'm gonna delete this diary and start again.

"this is my final fate, my final bellyache" (radiohead)

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