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ok so I didnt start again

well its monday, its been a strange weekend. K has been on the brink of tears, I have been mostly tired,K is seeing demons but when I look I cant see any. Either I'm not looking after her properly or she is stressed, most probably its a bit of both (things are usually a bit of both, in this world black and white issues usually resolve themselves quickly).

anyway I had a fight with a tree in the garden, which now resides on the railway embankment in about 50 pieces. and the garden has about 2 hours extra daylight.

K thinks that "something" has changed between us, but doesnt know what, this leaves me in the primal man place where I want to help but have no idea what to

do. I cant fight the dragon coz I dont know what it looks like.

Just been outside to see k (she just arrived from a meeting) and despite myself told her I was tired, which she is fed up of hearing. I meant to not say it but it leaks out. I dont now why I'm tired having slept all night plus had a 1.5 hour snooze at lunchtime.

Where did my bounce go? I think eternal youth or amphetamines is the answer.

will update again later.

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