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madness and worry

well after a GRIM week its all sorted out.

I think it all went tits up coz I wasnt feeling horny and K was, This can be a prob coz If I'm not horny then I may or may not be able to get the one eyed trouser snake to perform, and if It dont then K thinks I dont fancy her, even though I do LOTS, but of course I dont say this coz my macho pride thing says I should be going at it like a rutting stag.

So I just dance around the issue which makes stuff worse. and then we get stuck in an escalating mess.

Anyway K sorted it in the middle of the night ((big grin)) and I reckon we are back on track...

anyway it still dont address why I wasnt horny, but I get blown all over the place in the winds of my moods, and It doesnt take a lot to knock me off kilter, and what with

My dad being ill

The CSA going to take all my money

shitty shifts

stagnant divorce

I kind of struggle to keep my eye on the ball.

Anyway, K has finished her last bit of college work for 3 whole months ( Hurrah!) and is spending tomorrow with J having a massage,beer,italian meal,wine etc. Which is groovy coz she hasnt had the best of weeks.

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