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thing that bug me

a day of sleep today. back on nights.

so I feel a list coming on.

Things that annoy me...... (this might go on a bit but if it gets all whiny tell me to stop)


too slow, too many, too hell with them all.


you can literally surf on the bloody things on the pavement outside Mcdonalds, nobody wants um so why put them there!

People eating chocolate biscuits with the chocolate side down.

Dont know why it just offends my sense of "rightness" same goes for upside down sandwiches (dont pretend they are the same both ways up coz I know they arn't)

Queues in shops.

I just dont do it, dump basket go home.


Nasty scary flappy monsters that fly out of the floor and scare the shit out of you.

Bar chords on my guitar.

they just go "flumph" cant do um, dont need um.


They do what? hats keep your head warm, trousers hold your wallet, ties fall in your soup. daft idea.

Phone choice thingies

press 1 for annoying music, 2 for a message that says we arn't talking to you yet.3 for a disjointed list of reasons why.

By the time they get to4 I can't remember what 1 was...

Hairs in my ears,

its an old people thing, yuuuukkk!

txt mssagng

its 2 hrd 2 fnd the rght bludy btton on the fone,it tks ages. y not just tlk to the persn with ur voice?

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