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I appears that the likelyhood of me losing all traces of saddo-geeky-anorakness are lost down the pan. I have spent a heap of money on a model helicopter to build.

I test ran the engine yesterday (it a very sexy red one) and it fair growled with power. this caused me to hop about the garden in "child with a new bike" mode.

So I have officially given up my quest to be "cool" for at least 10 minutes of my life, I just wanted to look as cool as Lenoard Cohen does inside the cover of "i'm your man" where he is striking a match on the sole of his shoe. Its just never going to happen, I will however probably have more fun this way as I think being "cool" requires you never to get really excited about anything, detachment seems to be the key.

Had a really good day yesterday, pootled about playing with toys, then we went down the pub, had some grub/beers etc and went to bed too late.

A friend of ours came too, its very sad coz he is a top bloke, but seems convinced he will die this year,from the way he spoke I get the impression that if he doesn't die naturally he is going to push things along by doing it himself.

He is the most uptight person I have ever met, basically I reckon a good fuck would sort him out.

The problem is whenever he gets the chance he runs away. Even the women in the brothel where he occasionally does some work want to sort him out (free of charge of course) but he wants snow white, and there arn't that many 40 year old virgins lined up for him to take.

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