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my sons friend died.

Its been a day of highs and lows really. K came home at lunch time for a top quality wriggle! althought I do miss the snooze/snuggle afterwards I do do get a kick from dispatching her back to work with the kind of pink cheeks that have only one source, you can definitely tell post sex pinkness from running up the stairs pinkness.

I had a call from the boy child, he is very upset and it tore my heart that I could not just cuddle him, one of his best friends died today, aged 14.

One of N's other friends went to the boys house to give hime his SATs results only too be told he had had a heart attack this morning and died.

The Young man had been ill for many years with heart problems but it was all supposed to be sorted and under control, the doctors do a good job but they arn't god they just do what they can.

So N is gutted, all the work he did in pairs at school was with this boy and N would spend a lot of time at his house playing puter games when he was too ill to to move much.

14 is no age to die, he hadnt had time to experience the free choice that adult life brings,its too sad.

I sometimes think its a little odd that at the age of 40 I have never really experienced the death of someone I really cared for. One or two distant aquaintances have died but nobody I really knew. even my grandparents were only people I saw twice a year or so.

Anyway,I dont want my son to be sad but I know why he is and there is nothing I can do but drive across the hills tomorrow and give him a cuddle, which is what I plan to do.

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