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blisters on my feet

well back from midge infested scotland after walking 30 miles in two days then giving up coz I had HUGE blisters and everything was soggy wet. I had a good time and talked to lots of odd people in the pubs, stone huggers,window cleaners and Germans seems to sum it up.

I've actually started this entry twice. once I left it coz K appeared wearing very little apart from a nightie that she knows will drive me into lust mode. and much as I like sharing my life with my diaryland droogies I'm afraid there is no contest........

the second time I opened another browser window to see what andrews clever little shortcut was to link to another diary and closed the original one by mistake bugger....

So anyway thanks to autumnal for leaving a note about my wee boy.

N went to his friends funeral and I'm very proud of how he handled it. The school took him to the funeral but they made all the kids stand at the front near the coffin facing the crying congregation, which he said was even more upsetting, nice one vicar!

I left him today making a vid tape up of his friend emulating JACKASS which he will take round to the parents for them to have, its a nice thing to do.....

So I'm off for now coz I've not much more to add apart from its good to be home with K.

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