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lazy saturday

Yesterday was groovy!, was woken up by K with Tea and nakedness ( a top start to a day) then went to the shopping Mall of hell ( a strategic attack, in-out one shop, so that was ok) then went to talk to some fellow geeky-peeps who were playing nice with toys, followed by a meal of sticky ribs.

topped off with a visit to the pictures to watch "minority report" which was entertaining, not deep and meaningfull but entertaining none the less.

am currently listening to my oafish boss (loves the queen, dont like "darkies" basically a noisy fuckwit) answering a phone call to a customer whilst his face is crammed full of sausage roll.

This is an audible treat (think pigs hunting for truffles) but from where I'm sat I can see each word is accompanied by an arc of puff pastry flakes fluttering towards his desk.

The man has class!

todays bad thing so far...... dont laugh...

I sat on the toilet at work and the cleaner had left something a tad caustic on the seat. So the puppet now has a burnt bum.

Wheres that claims direct number?

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