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No work today! instead finished my new toy and played nice all day.

My likkle girl is moderately obsessed with her first real boyfriend, I havent met him yet but he is 17 ( 2 years older than B) and he works in a steel mill driving trucks ( Hmmm a tad macho, prob means if I'm going to beat him best do it from behind with a beeeg stick) and has a large proportion of the steel mills weekly output inserted into his face through various piercings.

I did mention to B that it might well feel like she is kissing a gearbox but she didn't seem to believe me.

seriously, I'm just gonna have to let her live her own life, as long as he aint doing too many drugs I will be happy enough, Ex has spoken to him on the phone and she says he is polite and shit, so at least he knows the rules even if he dont keep to all of um. plus even if he isnt a lawyer at least he has had the ability to go get a job and not just be a doley.

I think K is starting to unwind a tad, the past few days she has been sure I have some big problem and that I dont love her, when for once I dont feel stressed or wound up, or want something else, I'm just very relaxed maybe even chilled.

right then, I'm off to find a processed cheddar cheese slice.


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