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its another weekendtime

So went to see the head doctor who tapped me with a cute little hammer, No lie, it was just like being on a carry on film, he tapped my knee and I did the kicking reflex thing.

So he has decided I need to go and have a mind probe,to see whats going on in there.

I think its mostly called a scan these days but they dont fool me, I know its a trick to make me love eating Mcdonalds. its a conspiricy....

K came with me and held my hand (I do love her for looking after me) coz I'm wimp and when the doctor asks how I am I always say "fine thank you" coz thats what my mum taught me when I was a little puppett.

one thing we have discovered after the doctor made me do it is that I cant walk heel to toe anymore coz I wobble.

its not such a massive handicap but if pc plod tests me for drink driving I'm gonna fail.

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