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right then! if raw seething mindfucking anger isn't your cup of tea then you had best "do one" as our liverpudlian friends say.

The fucking trains send me into a rage, me and K went to see some friends last night, we checked the return train times, got there in time went to the platform, and guess what no train! I went back to recheck the platform number an as I watched it disapeared. tried talking to the wankers behind the window (now I know why they have the window) and they insisted the train had left on time, I told them it hadnt gone from the platform designate, but they said platforms were not their responsibility, fuckers.

So I in very adult way punched the window as hard as I could, not very clever but I'm sick of being fucked over by train people.

I keep saying this but I really mean it this time, dont use the trains coz they are random, what do you fucking expect when different companies own the track, the trains, the stations and the repair facility.

fucked fucked and fucked!

I am still seething, and whats worse we had to get a cab home (40 miles) which cost us 75 pounds bastards!

I shall return later hopfully in a better mood!


trains are all bastards! Added later Having said all this me and K had a really nice day,

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