PUPPETTS MOOD is ...... sleepy

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Randall P McMurphy

so until I have the mind probe the doctor has give me some pills to stop my arms and legs hurting, they seem to work BUT (there is always a but in life) they say "may cause drowsiness"

This is the understatement of the decade, once I take them you could remove my kidneys and replace them with backward facing cuckoo clocks without me being any the wiser.

and once awake I look like Randal P McMurphy from cuckoos nest just before the Chief does the pillow thing.

The only difference being I might turn around every hour to see where the bleeding cuckoos were that seem to follow me everywhere.

K is worried about this brain scan thing coz she thinks it might be MS and if it is la-the-sage is gonna have VERY full inbox with questions from me! dont say you wern't warned :-)

I hope its not, I'm still guessing its a trapped nerve or summat.

Its not time to worry yet.

anyway people read my diary! thank you all, this is great, before diaryland (i always type dairyland which might be full of moo cows) I only used the internet for printer drivers and amazon, now I write to real peeps all over the place, its groovy and I really look forward to checking my buddylist each day. marvellous!

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