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sports and redundancy

I think I have upset K, I have done some digging and it looks like I could get a pile of redundancy money if I left work. This has worried K, the fact is I'm bored pooless with computers and whilst everone else at work is a hungry young thing lapping up the technical details of every half finished service packless microsoft operating system release, I just cant be arsed, I been through at least 6 iterations chasing a carrot on a stick and now I dont want to play no more.

The result is that I'm getting paid a lot more than most people here and they are starting to surpass my knowledge, I dont mind that at all, but I feel a fraud.

I suppose it wont be long before someone else notices, so why not jump before I'm pushed?

I dont know what I want to do, but I think something mindless might be nice, shelf stacker or roadsweeper sounds good. In fact anything away from a desk!

I shall wait until a few worries come to a head before I do anything.

these being

brain scan

Child support agency assesment

divorce money settlement

I dont want K to worry, She likes things to run smooth and steady and I keep rocking the boat. We always get there in the end though.

Now then sports...

The commonwealth games are happening down the road,I dont do sport but coz its my diary I get to have an opinion on everything.

I'm ok with running fast and throwing stuff, its easy to see who won, all you need is a tape measure and a watch.

but anything with "ARTISTIC" measures, you know, synchronised swimming, ice dance ETC isnt a sport, I might think it looks great whilst you think its shite. what I'm saying is its all in the mind and not on the stop watch.

finally I would like to take the piss of the triple jump, how contrived is that?

I propose the lager,kebab and crawl for the next olympics!

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