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I got all revvved up today, called the great big boss and he said to go see him, so I did and asked to be made redundant, He was very supportive and instead of beating me with a stick he understood, but he dont want me to leave, in fact he offered me lots of big pay rises. this made me feel rotten coz they already pay me far too much for what I do, I just talk a good story. (what a bullshitting bastard) I always say I "I didnt do much it was X and Y, They worked really hard to learn this stuff" but the bosses must take it as false modesty. what can I do.

So thats another thing up in the air, If I want to leave big boss says he will have to pretend I'm crap then I can leave with all the wonga/dosh/beans.

had a not bad day otherwise, took my aged parents to the supermarket, dads in a wheel chair so I pushed and we had a laugh, a wheelchair is no fun but when you are pushing one you can whisper in the riders ear and have a good deal of fun taking the piss of people without seeming rude.

Me and K played "pictionary" with my kids tonight, its one of the few times we kind of gel together and the kids get all animated instead of just shuffling about in an adolecent sulk.

right then its daft o'clock and K has just crashed on the settee so I shall go poke her and take her to bed.

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