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nothing much really

dum de dum, what do I know today?

Well I muchley, like having my new comments bit at the bottom, and I got some new banners to use free with my supergold account, I must make a proper animated one coz this one

is looking a bit dull, It has managed a 1.5% clickthrough over 25000 displays so It cant be that bad, maybe its because it is really unslick that people look.

Anyway, today I am feeling like all my poo is going to go away and I shall be left fresh and clean after it, like a snake wot has just shed its skin, the big difference being that I'm not immediatley going to go out for a big meal of locusts and dead mice.

K was gonna tell me off this morning for starting 2 books at once, but I treid to throw her off by juggling 3 mushrooms, unfortunately doing this resulted in my facial expression changing from what I like to think of as "mature yet ruggedly handsome" to "bloke on a poster for the "terminally hard of thinking" society"

Oh well,

another thing, I'm going to have to macho this diary up a bit, 2 peeps thought I wuz a woman, so the next 2 entries are gonna include, fast cars,and a whole section on "cushions, why do women need so many"

perhaps not.

gonna go learn html

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