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public apology

2 entries in one day !!!!!!

Ok I'm sorry.

I had to stay up late tonight coz I'm on a night shift tomorow.

I've eaten all the crispy bacon

didnt mean to, infact I made a tiny slit in the packet so I couldnt get it out easily.

but I have beed reading the really funny book that K bought me

and in an absent minded way eaten it all.

well nearly all, there is about 20% of it lodged betwen my teeth.

so that makes about 12 calories of energy stuck in my mouth.

and around 6 MegaWatts stuck around my waist.

I am the saviour of the world! just burn my tum! mind you I can still see all of the parts of me that are south of my bellybutton so there are bigger tums, my knees are no stranger and my tackle can be seen when in both "last chicken in the shop" mode and "making tents" in bed.(ok its only a tent big enough for barbie and ken)

Right I'm off its getting far too biological around here.

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