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Be Calm!

I just re-read my last entry and to quite honest with you , I dont like it.

I did consider just deleting it but I'm not sure thats the way to go. after all the menfolk of this world have re-written history often enough without me tinkering about with the past (ok, I know its hardly "the signing of the Magna Carta" but thin end of the wedge and all that :-)

I really like when diarylandy dudes leave notes and stuff.

Anyway sod all happened yesterday, finished work and me and K were so wrecked we ended up in bed at 22:00, this is a good thing for K coz she has had less sleep than a new mum gets,when the baby has colic,wont feed and the council are replacing the road surface outside using old russian helicopters to bring in "The Volga boatmans choir" to do the work at 07:00am Moscow time.

well you get the picture.

So I am trying to be relaxed and KEWL as them youngsters say.

anyway, here is a picture of the island

where we are gonna live. I blagged it of the net, but did write to the man to tell him I loved his piccys,which makes it nearly ok

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