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more bread head shite

What can I say, I went for a swim today, Enjoyed it, got out of the pool and my right leg wont hold me up, It shook like an very poor elvis impersonator. I had to kind of hop-shuffle to the changing room. Had to sit down to put my trousers on coz captain wobble would not hold my weight (ok I a fat bastard but its always managed before).

Called Ex who was concilatory in the way the people who hold all the aces can be. She may only fuck me over to within a hairs breadth of me losing it.

(pause while I turn over the sausages in the pan)

I cant make everyone happy, K wants me to not get fucked over but If I want it all to end thats the price I have to pay. The equation is

Puppett gets fucked over = Ex is legally detached.

I cant please everyone, I'm drinking beer at 18:00 and listening to Iggy.

Too many things to deal with, and K isnt goint to be pleased with me.

"Tonight Matthew I am going to be pissed" (uk joke)

"not waving but drowing"

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