PUPPETTS MOOD is ...... bit sleepy

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today I have had Lancashire,Danish blue and Cheddar.

I dont know, went to bed last night somewhat bladdered,I drank all my beer and dispatched K for some more (which bless her cotton socks she went and got me without so much as a "stop now pissy arse") and then drank that.

So all in all I should have slept like a teenager ( have never gone along with that "slept like a baby" thing, after all who wants to wake up every 4 hours covered in shit) teenager have the sleep thing sorted.

But I awoke at 04:00 and sat drinking tea until 06:30. I think the forthcoming scan thing is lurking on the edge of my worry zone. I just want to know whats going on.

I think I'm gonna go to the island next week while K is in Spain. That should do me some good.

K has been out tonight to see her old boss/collegues which is good thing, They are all quite polite people who enjoy nice wine, It will do K good to mix with them again, after all its all cheap lager and foul language with me.

The chances of me getting a job at "Erudite R us" is fairly small.

I think she has had a good time coz she is crashed out on the settee now.

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