PUPPETTS MOOD is ...... no to KEBABS just NO

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ho hum...

I've done a new survey!


please do it! K was a little tired today, after a nice evening last night with her ex work chums, and I'm on a night shift tonight so I've got all stroppy and sent her to bed, she can have the whole thing to herself tonight and sprawl flat on her back with only a stripey cat to keep her company,

I had a friend called "DUANE" who slept at a girlfriends house. She had a completely mirrored ceiling in the bedroom, however during the night he forgot all about it,when he stretched out on his back and opened his eyes in the morning he nearly shat himself to find a naked skydiver about to land on him.

I just had a KEBAB for tea, these should only be eaten on top of around 8 pints of lager, my stomach is now bubbling badly and due to the high garlic/lard/entrails factor in my kebab I know that K will react to my early morning wake up kiss with the same reaction as if someone had just poured a vat of boiling oil on her legs.

I'm not sure but I think you peeps that read my endless moping will enjoy some of the true but odd stories that have happened in my past, I might end each entry with some type of "blast from my past"

It might be poo but may make you smirk.


when I was a gas fitter installing central heating in a house, my work mate wanted to use to toilet, being a tad prone to making evil smells he waited until the customer went out to work and immediatley legged it into the small loo on the landing.

however Mrs customer had decided to go herself and came back in from the car,

Hearing her making her way down the hallway Chris panicked because there was no lock on the door.

To save embarrasment he lifted his legs up and braced them high against the door to stop her pushing into the room.

The first I knew of this was the scream she made when she PULLED the outward opening door to see a great hairy arsed gasman sat on her loo with with his legs splayed and his feet in the air.

Oh well, maybe you had to be there....

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