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some more good news!

Back from the island,,,,

Stand by for excited babbly type update... (deep breath... ready?...)

K's bruvver just called and my sca results are back, and its good news. Apparently (without getting all technical) I have some squished disk thingies in my neck and the squishy bits are protruding and annoying the shit out of the nerves which is making my limbs hurt.

This may sound a bit shite but its a damn sight better that the 501 other things I was dreading. (MS ,cancer ETC)

So thats another tick off the list.

K's got back from sunny spain looking very brown but while she was away the flying-biting beasties have chomped great lumps out of her ankles ( I dont think they can fly very high) and It looks really SORE! methinks a doctor may need to get involved.

I had a good week on the island, mostly knocking the house about some more. I got the old floorboards up upstairs and screwed lumps of 2" by 2" ontop of the old joists to bring them up to building reg standard and generally had a good time gabbing to all the locals that popped in to see me during the day.

So that the end of knocking bits out of the house, from here on it starts to get better.

Oh, cant be bothered doing this right now, gonna go snog K some more!

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