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this is my second entry tonight so go read the first one first!

Thought I would do a places I've been abroad to type of update.


went camping with a chum when aged 15.we spoke no Flemish or Walloon. stayed in a likkle village where lots of friendly peeps looked after us.If I was my parents I wouldnt have let me go!


Went for 2 weeks with my first love,it was a nudist resort,which was funny.

Being nude on the beach was ok but it felt a bit surreal walking around the supermarket,spent 2 weeks sucking in my stomach but first love still dumped me when we got home. Doh!


went with EX when first met, this was pre-clubbing era, when Ibiza was the haunt of aging hippies, it was legal to carry 4 oz of cannabis for your own use!


Little island where you cant live unless you are rich or have 25 years uninterrupted residence, the most insular people I ever met.There was a story in the press about a vicar who had to retire after 23 years work there due to ill health. he was deported for not meeting the entry criteria. bastards or wot!


bikes,canals,and quadrilingual people that speak better English than I do.

also good for drugs and sex but thats not why I was there.


Spanish island, went with K for our first hol. wonderful but maybe it was just the company.


The most laid back place EVER,stayed in a nice ladies spare room. nobody has money but they just dont seem to care.


Heaven on earth, tiny island with 50 people on it, no more than 18" above sea level, swam with the sharks,fishes and K got to cuddle a giant turtle.

White sand warm water, no shoes for 2 whole weeks. go there!


I went with my kids, 2 weeks in a volcanic desert. hired a car got stuck in a sand dune. within 2 mins a man in a 4 wheel drive pulled me out after charging me a fortune! thats how he made a living. I even think he smoothed the sand out to entice people into it.



N went with me and K spent the week snorkling, nice people really friendly.

will go back one day coz its cheap!

So thats it, not been many places really. but we usually have a good time wherever we go.

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