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happy junk day

Went to a barbeque last night,It was K's works thing and she had organised the whole shebang so was a little nervous about making sure that everyone enjoyed it.

I'm pleased to say it was a great night,good food,nice weather (ok so perhaps she didnt organise that)and 2 live bands.

I love live music,we had a 5 piece folk band who played some excellant "diddly diddly" music and then a collection of middleaged men playing 70's rock with guitar skills that would put jimmy page to shame.

Its quite funny, the lead singer works with K and is normally quiet as a mouse, however when he places his magic beany hat on his head he becomes a rock star, helluva transformation.

So I propped up the bar and watched K working her way around the people and wherever she went there were smiles and a wave of happiness and "pleasedtoseeherness" (ok I made a word up but if you USA dudes can have "disinformation" I can have this one) So I stood there feeling proud of her and got pleasantly pissed.

A good night.

Time for another "blast from the past" bit.I know this s meant to be a current journal but I didnt start it when I was 10 so there is a backlog...

When I was about 12 I used to walk past a huge cast iron manhole cover in the street. I was intrigued by how deep it was inside (I had visions of huge stalagtite filled caverns) any way one day I figured out a way to look,there was a hole in the lid about 2 inches in diameter which was used to lift it. I thought if I dropped a lit match down there it would burn until it hit the bottom and illuminate the treasures below.

So I got hold of special "bonfire night" matches which flared for half of their length, lit one and popped it down the hole whilst I stood above it to watch.

Instantly there was a HUGE explosion, the big heavy lid (which luckily was hinged) flew back on itself,the lids down the street flew off, all the nearby toilets in peoples houses spat the contents of their u bends into the room, I stood there screaming and blinded until all the neighbours ran out to see what had happened.

I had managed to light a pocket of methane sewer gas, and the reason I was blinded was I was covered from head to toe in shit,It had covered my eyes so they wouldnt open.

My mum ran out and did the combination "my poor likle boy" and "what the bloody hell are you doing?" hug/rant.

The men of the street came out a replaced all the cast iron sewer covers,I went home for a wash!

I swear if it happened now it would be on the TV news.

Anyway, I'm off to the Thursday junk market, the stalls sell absolute crap and I love it,after all where else can you buy one well used training shoe? I shall come home with a bag ful of stuff and spend about 3 GBP.

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