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Well what can I say? I'm a sleepy puppett, my car blew up last week and I dont have any money or desire to get it mended. its going to cost about 500GBP (thats about a gross of dollars or possibly a furlong of euros).

So I start work on days at 06:45 and finish at 19:00, and to walk the 2.5 miles to work in time I have to be out of bed by 05:30, (There is no great point to this apart from me being a soft get and hoping to surf home on a great wave of diaryland sympathy) anyway I spent a happy half hour composing pornographic messages to K at work today whilst in "captain horny" mode, but I'm now home and all I want to do is cuddle and sleep, its no wonder people reckon this diary is written by a woman.

I should be in "rampant stud mode" but as this is a REAL journal you get the unadulterated truth, I'm too tired for sex, I cant write that without feeling like George out of "George and Mildred"

So there are all kinds of rumours in my work about me leaving.. I just listen and say nowt which is driving some of the GG's mental (GG=Gossipy Geeks)

I work in a male dominated workplace but they gossip more than any bunch of women, I remember as a gasman I had to work in a sewing factory that was full of women machinists, they whistled and shouted "show us your dick" type of comments for the whole time I was there. I felt embarrassed and under threat the whole time, Which is why I cringe everytime I see a woman walk past a building site under a torrent of such stuff from the builders with nothing more to do.

gonna eat tea and drink beer now !

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