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Sunday bloody sunday

I was SO tired last night I went to bed at about 21:30, I was prodded into the day by the insistant beeping of my alarm on my phone, its a very polite almost English phone, rather than fling you into the land of the living with a raucous noise it kind of clears its throat and does a "**Cough** please wake up **cough**" beep, its like a small electronic jeeves.

however if you ignore it then gets a complete arse on and resorts to "GET THE FUCK UP" mode.

I have a phone with dual personalities

On the settee downstairs I found a fully clothed K asleep with all the lights and the TV on, I think she was there due to a combination of "dont wanna move/dont wanna wake puppett"

anyway she pulled some togs on and brought me to work.

I've just read la-the-sage and kathmccall the quality of writing is tons better than in any paper or magazine, I want to be able to write like that too... (stamps feet, has a paddy... would also like to grow up a bit aswell).

Now in the interest of "cross atlantic bonding" I shall explain black pudding. You might not like it but you did ask.

Black pudding is pig or sheep blood mixed with oats,pepper.onion,lung and other bits of offal which is then stuffed into a piece of washed out intestine. its then either boiled or sliced and fried and eaten with bacon. It sound gross but is REALLY tasty

Should anyone fancy some let me know and I will send you some..

Having done my bit I will add that your Mr Bush is mad as a fish, you cant just go dropping bombs on Iraq coz you dont like the man in charge, he may be a tosser but he is their tosser. by all means threaten him with a good kicking if he starts anything but no "I'm the big kid and I'm gonna get you" tactics please.

In the interest of parity I would also add that Tony Blair is an arse kissing wimp for toadying up to Mr Bush. We may have a "special relationship" with the US but that doesnt mean we have to agree with EVERYTHING.

Right then thats the end of my political rant.

I've done another short snappy survey should anyone care to have a look.


So My likkle girl is now in her last year of school, its very strange that this thing first passed to me as a small pink stranger is now almost 16.

Boo has always had a really keen sense of justice, even a toddler she was always keen that her brother got his fair share of smarties, she never wanted any more or any less than half.

Then as she grew she immersed herself in whatever she did, dancing,writing,art. Then about 18 months ago she started going out and "hanging out" with a crowd of lads and girls, She now has a hectic social life, but although all kinds of stuff goes on around her she still seems to retain her sense of "what is right" I know she will fall flat on her face at times but hey, thats growing up for you. I almost worry less now as she encouters events and deals with them in a quiet adult manner.

I will always be there to help, but she will need me less and I'm fine with that.

Like I once heard a vicar women say, we dont own our children, all we can ever hope to do is aim them like an arrow, we give them direction and purpose and loose them from the bow, after that there is nothing more we can do.

I hope I aimed ok....

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