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all kinds of stuff

Tis going to be a strange entry tonight as my head is happily hopping from one topic to another, think of it a a cerebral version of the arcade game "FROGGER".

So after all the probs at home its all sorted once again, I think the root cause of all my anguish was a simple thought of "I'm really cheap and K used to do all kinds of sophisto stuff" She attended dinner parties, and got dressed up to go out to nice places where nice people went.

All she gets from me is dragged to the pub and taken for a curry after being dragged across some damp hill/croft.

So I worked me into all colours of stress about it coz that kind of thing isnt really me and what if she just got fed up all the grunge.

Then I told K who told me not to be so soft and that if thats what she wanted she would have said by now.

So really I should have just asked in the first place and saved a load of mither.

todays other news, I have bitten my thumbnail TOOOOO far, this resulted in

ODECIH syndrome. (OUCH! Dont Eat Crisps,It Hurts)

I phoned the brickky on the island tonight, when his wife told him who it was on the phone I distinctly heard him say "shite" under his breath, He's not a bad lad but if you dont mither him ALL the time he stops. anyway the good news is .... He has finished! so its roof then windows next...

todays list is "Stuff in my coat pockets"

mobile phone, (or Nautilus as I like to call it)

palm pilot, full of phone numbers

keys, back door, 2 server rack, car ,blue photon light, baby leatherman gizmo.

Sudofed, (get me through the shift!)

wallet, 3 pounds in cash, credit cars.

Ventolin thingy, wheeeze....

shiny stone, picked off the beach by a 3 year old girl and handed to me, subsequently sawn in half and hand polished by me on one face until shiny.

and I did a quiz thing "which magazine am I"

What magazine am I?

I am Popular Science: The only thing more exciting then the present is the future. I am always the first to hear about whats going on in the realms of human achievement.

What magazine am I?

I am a geek!!! but you knew that from my pockets!!!

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