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what am I going to write???

I finished a night shift yestersday morning and slept until lunchtime(ok I wanted to write dinnertime but that would just confuse y'all) when I was awoken by a gorgeous naked woman, K was home for her lunch! and can I add OOKOOK!

Then I headed into town to get the train, My kids live about 40 miles away so I went to get them. this isnt strictly needed any more as EX will sometimes throw them on the train at that end for me to scoop off at this, its no biggy seeing as they are 15/16 years old now and as I seem to enjoy telling Boo in my "its not like the old days" moments, I was working as a gas fitting apprentice by that age.

So went to see my Aged parents while down there and they are both fine, My dads looking very well, in a slightly frail way, and my mum is a whirlwind of words and activity as usual.

She went to "staples" to buy a "puter" chair the other day, She was asking a man about would they carry it to the bus stop for her, he said yes, so she asked if they had it in blue, he had a look round and said yes, then she asked if she could pay him cash, he said no, because he DIDN'T WORK THERE!

Mum thinks anyone with a tie is a figure of authority!

Puppett is the son of muppett!

anyway I came home in my dads car which I have borrowed until mine is mended.

I have had about 3 weeks without a car and to be honest I have mostly enjoyed it. I get to walk lots of places and see stuff, I have even had a few short conversations with aged pedestrians.

but now I have a likkle car to play out in and its a manual gearbox so I think I need a sticker on the middle of the steering wheel that sez "PRESS THE SODDING CLUTCH" else the gearbox will be going home in a carrier bag.


Iforgot, I looked at my stats this morning and it sez 4000 hits exactly, which pleases me greatly, even more than 4001. I dont know why. ITs like catching the mileometer thing in your car when it says 44444 or even 66666 (the multiple of the beast?) So you are all invited to my virtual stats party, I will bring the black pudding, the rest of you bring beers!

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