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Why do car salesmen think I will be more likely to buy a car if they put it on the forecourt on big ramps so that it is at a strange angle?

I also know that 4999 is nearly 5000 so they can stop that too.

"another chance to see" on the tv means "its a repeat, we are too cheap to make anymore programs"

"collect all 5" means "now you have to take you kids to macdonalds at least another 4 times, Ha gotcha loser"

"your chance to own" means another hurried disney release of Aladdin 12.

"covers the 12 signs of aging" means "by not specifying these we can plant the seeds of doubt in womens heads so they will buy our beauty products"

"reduces the appearance of fine lines" same as above but so does polyfilla.

"gillette -the best a man can get" no its not! its a fucking lie.

finally (this is a UK thing) All the pedestrian crossings have "bobbly pavements" leading to them so blind folks can find them. I put the kids on the train today and noticed that the edging of the train platform has been replaced with the same bobbly stuff.

Worra rotten trick!

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