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dunking biccys

Yuk! I just sat down to update and slurped down the last dregs of my tea only to ingest "dunked digestive biscuit slurry"

Todays puppett hint>>> dunk um quicker!

I am currently off work coz the nice doctor gave me a stay at home note. I have to take some tablets that turn me into a human equivalent of the doremouse in "alice in wonderland" its not a huge prob coz I like sleeping..

and I have until next Weds to practise,

Now then, anyone got a teapot big enough for a fat lad?

I took my car to be mended this morning (driving very slowly as people with mindfuck drugs and overheating engines are prone to doing) and by now I'm sure the mechanic will be concocting lists of imaginary parts to charge me for (wobblegangs and throstlebearings etc)

I shall of course challenge him to show me the old offending part, and he will happily show me the same part he has shown all his other customers for the last 20 years ( its a fanckleswitch from a 1950 morris).

The plan was to get a taxi home from the garage (its about 2 miles away) but there were no taxis for 30 mins so I walked home, It was fun, I could see a likkle puddle of water on the road at every place I stopped my car along the way. It pleased me greatly and now I know why teenage graffiti peeps have to "tag" eeverything, its an "I did that" moment of recognition that you left a mark on your world. I might go out with the watering can later and touch up my puddles before they dry!

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