PUPPETTS MOOD is ...... whoo hoo going to the lakes

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going away!

Well my bags are packed, I'm ready to go... Me and K are off to the lake district this afto for a weekends walking in the hills, They arnt very big by world standards (3000 feet tops) but they are ever so pretty, each lump of hills separates a different valley from the next, a here is the cute thing, every valley is different, as distinctive from each other as chalk and cheese( or black pudding and H0-H0s).

apart from that I've not a lot to say really, I have been playing happy househusband all week, ironing and cleaning and playing flight sim.

Its not sex and drugs and rock and roll but it been good, I'm not happy with these drugs the doctor gave me coz they turn me into an "epsilon" type. I'm sure that if I continue to take them I will be no trouble to anyone, the revolution will be postponed, the workers will have to storm the parliament without me, I suppose I could hold a placard or something.

I might just pack um in, after all I read somewhere "without pain there can be no joy" and lets face it, the pains I get are not nice but they are fuck all to what some peeps have to tolerate,

So its jolly hols for me today, y'all have a nice weekend !

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