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100 entries!!!!!!

2 entries in one day? is the puppett describing his diary or the workload of the average house burgular? well its my diary and the reason is I'm too much of a big kid to wait for tomorrow to write my ONE HUNDREDTH entry!!!!!

I'm quite pleased about this, normally I dont keep up with anything,I am very shallow and flit from one thing to the other I shall never be an expert at anything because as soon as I have mastered somthing to an undefined level which proves to myself that I can do it,I move on to try summat new.

The result of this is I know a little bit about LOTS of things.

This can have its drawbacks,it the equivalent of knowing how to say "hello how are you" in a forign language,the other person then assumes you are fluent and babbles away while you do the nodding and smiling thing.

Anyway 100 entries and I'm as keen as ever, just had to go and turn the VCR on record mode,K was watching a gripping program on the TV but has fell fast asleep and will be wanting to watch the end of it later.

So I'm off to drink some tea coz my friend kitchenlogic has told me off for being a beer monster :-)

I would also like to add that the crust off the end of a loaf is by far the best bit, you can keep all the middles but the ends are mine!

"man cannot live by bread alone" quite right he needs a slice of unhealthy processed cheese to go on it. did you know that cheese squares stick really well to the ceiling,windows,pc monitors etc if you unwrap them and throw them like a frisbee?

this is puppetts handy hint of the day.

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