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big long all weekend entry!

Do you have a nice cup of tea? right then here we go. We got back from the lakes yesterday after having a FABBO time,we arrived friday night and went out to get something to eat, but the wee town was full to bursting with people, and all these people had empty bellies (welcome to rumbletumfest?)

so we had to wait until 22:00 before the nice man at the mexican place could feed us.

So we went to the pub, where there was an act on singing cheesy songs from the 60-70's and EVERYONE in the boozer was singing along at the top of their voices. It was a big warm friendly atmos, but by the time we got to eat we were "a little under the influence of the sauce" as Bertie Wooster might say.

But we had a very nice meal which included free tequila shots, having never tried it we did so and can safely say it will be the last time! YUK!

The Saturday was hot and sunny so we went for a walk up a mountain with a cute name, its called Catbells awwwww! and basked in the sun outside a pub before shuffling of to bed at abour 22:00, we wuz tired and had used up all out "partyanimal" energy the night before. (ok so I'm an old fart).

Sunday we went to search for a special pub that I know in the middle of nowhereville, its a PIG to find but has that special ambience that makes it the ideal place to sit,do the crossword,eat lunch whilst drinking proper belgian lager.

Poor K drove up and down these scary single track roads for ages, I used my "phone a friend" option but my friend said he had used a tank of petrol last year doing the same thing and still never found it, his suggestion was to phone the pub,ask them to throw an old rubber welly on the fire and then look for the plume of black smoke.

So we did half of that (phoned um) and when we did find it,the pub was only 15 yards past where we had turned around an hour previously! DOH!

Then we came home, It was really nice to spend some time alone with K, we spend so much time rushing past each other that going away for a weekend can make you remember why you love someone so much,being with her is just fun/nice/warm and lots of other groovy things too.

I have decided that I am drinking too much beer,I seem to consistantly be having one or to drinks more than I feel I should be. I'm not talking falling down puking drinking here but I used to have a couple and stop. now I'm maybe having 3 or 4 and occasionally a heap more.

So It might help me lose some weight( I am in danger of losing sight of my feet) and given my families alchohlic traits and tendencies I shall make an effort to apply a little self restraint.

Diet coke anyone?

oh yeah and before I forget, it is nice to come home to bright red buddy list.

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