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dont wanna go!

I have to back to work tomorrow after a week off, and I really dont wanna go, my tum is all flip floppy, its like I'm scared of something but dont know what. very odd.

tis a bit funny really coz for the first time in my life I'm trying hard to look poo at my job so that they will make me redundant, My boss is in on this ploy too so thats ok. I'm fed up of puters now, I wanna go home to mend central heating boilers. All the time I have been whizzing up the technical pecking order at work I have felt that someone would tap me on the shoulder and say "thats enough son, get back to working on the tools" I just never thought it would be me!

anyway I have just dripped blood all over the garage floor after a small accident with a razor plane (me and J were making a boat out of balsa) and I am missing being able to use my middle finger to type.

and J just sent my name to mars.. send yours too at


They bung your name on a DVD which is to be dropped on mars, they are then going to take a piccy of the disc and we can all be smug for years!

Oh yeah, I still dont wanna go..

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