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a little bit wild, a little bit ......

AAARRGH! its only 3:30 and I'm here till 7:00, its doing my noggin in, I want to go make a brew but I'm saving that little task up as a special treat for when I'm about to stand up and scream " I hate this, its all bullshit and I'm going home never to return"

I shall do the british thing and drink tea, which will make me feel better. The only thing is I either need to like my job more or get a bigger bladder.

The job hasnt changed and I used to like it, so it must be me thats altered. Oh well it is a life after all, not a choreographed pre planned sequence of events, I'm feeling a little wild and ambivalent.

If I was 3 I would be stamping my feet and saying "No I'm NOT GONNA GO TO WORK SO NER!"

I'm going to get a whippet on a piece of string and beg for spare change,Gonna get a train to london and rob a bank, gonna invent a mobile phone melting device,gonna buy nickolodeon and then shut it down (thats 1$ each from all you americans, well worth it)

Or I might go home at 7 and kiss K.

Every day I have a revolution in my head,every day I change the world but everyday I dance the dance.

bugger it, I will do it all tomorrow, I'm gonna go kiss K (she works in the same building)

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