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untitled droning

I just read unclebob and he has 1378 people who say he is their fave, I feel very small and insignificant. Not unlike the first time I went camping in the hills, I was 18 and had only every been to the seaside or the big city. we arrived in Wasdale in pitch darkness,put the tent up and went to the pub.

I woke up at 6 am bursting for a wee,and climbed out of the tent into the sunshine, It was a "fuck me" moment that I will remember for ages (cant say forever coz who know what kind of fudge my brain will turn into when I get REALLY old). the hills were huge and had me surrounded, in a instant I knew what it was to be a little dot in a big world.

So I dont get religion, dont wanna upset anybod here, I'm not religious, you might be and thats fine. each to his own.

BUT if there is a god an all powerful being,why would it specify "buildings with pointy roofs" as being his favourite. why would the creator of the universe be bothered if his rep on earth was woman? if you stuck a penis on a woman would that be ok?

Naaa, all religions are invented by people, hence the wierd "dog collars" and "pointy hat things" plus most relegions think they have the right way and the others are wrong. Now either they are all wrong or one of them is right.

I know which one I think it is!

off work tomorrow and I might get to visit my car, its been levitated ontop of a ramp thingy at the garage for the last week and a half, now I know you think parking meters are expensive things to feed, but they are NOWT compared to the amount of dosh per hour that garage ramps cost, the fact that there is nobody actually under the car working is irrelevant. its on the ramp and its not coming off until you part with a sum of money equal to the gross national product of a small european country. luxembourg for instance.

or possibly Denmark

today I have not shaved, I'm rugged Puppett. and I'm going home!

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