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k makes better tea than me

so its weekend, and yesterday we all went to the big monster shopping place, Its a hellhole,10 zillion people all in "posession aquisition mode". packs of young women all talking on their mobiles or even worse bouncing off passing pedestrians like human ping-pong balls while they "TXT" each other and cant look where they are walking. why cant they stand still and talk, just coz its a a mobile phone doesnt mean you cant stand still.

anyway I did all my xmas shopping,more or less the whole lot, being a grumpy old bastard I dont like xmas, there should be a line drawn at the age of 14. after that you can ignore it, its for kids to get stuff,you cant kid me with all that peace to all men poo. I know for a fact that more divorcessuicides happen at xmas.

So I now have a creditcard bill that would be big enough to stun an ox. hey ho. And I sneakily made a phone call to the b&B we stayed at last week to ask them the name of a shop that K saw the handbag of her dreams in while we were away, then I called the shop and tried to describe it (look I'm a man this is difficult!) then I got him to start mail order selling and send it to me, then I parted with the dosh, then I sat there feeling smug and clever in the knowledge I could get 3 months entertainment from not telling K what here prezzie was.

So I said "I ordered your prezzie today" and she said "is it a handbag from that place in Keswick"

So thats that.

I've decided I dont like looking after children, life is so much easier when they arnt about, easier and calmer and you dont have to get involved with all the tedious child related poo. I may hibernate for a few years until they all grow up then I shall go find them and irritate the crap out of them.

K sez they bring pleasure but when I asked if she would start a family again knowing what she knows now she said no.

I got my car back from the mending place, Its quite a novelty. the only thing is a month of walking has got me used to seeing the world move by more slowly, the result of this is I end up driving sloooower and sloowwer (we are talking 25 mph here) I think K was tempted to buy me some very heavy shoes yesterday to get us home quicker.

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